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S2E4: Finding Your Inner Eco-Chaplain

Finding Your Inner Eco-Chaplain: In this episode, we interview Eco-Chaplain Lauren Van Ham.  Lauren has been a local advocate and speaker at many eco-centric festivals and events in the Bay Area.  Lauren has served as a chaplain in both healthcare and corporate settings, and seminary Dean at The Chaplaincy Institute. Her passion for spirituality, art, and Earth's teachings construct her focus in eco-ministry, grief & loss, and sacred activism. She is a guest writer for “Progressing Spirit,” an online publication exploring theology, spirituality, and public events. She holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and Naropa University. Lauren is a spiritual director and serves as guest faculty for several schools in the Bay Area. 


Curator: Rev. Dan Senter

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S2E3: Christmas as Cosmic Invitation

In this episode, we interview Lee Van Ham, author of the book “The Liberating Birth of Jesus.”   Lee, reflects on the role of the cosmos within this story and its implications for how we integrate the traditional Christmas stories into our own spiritual lives, and our responsibility to the biosphere.

Is it a birth story that can help us reverse our planet's perils? Join Soul Forum Host Dan Senter as we explore a more robust notion of God and the Cosmos.

Lee Van Ham is the director of a US-Mexico nonprofit, Jubilee Economics and has spent much of his years in congregational life exploring the interplay between ecology, spirituality, and economics. You can find his book “The Liberating Birth of Jesus'' on Amazon


Curator: Rev. Dan Senter

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S2E2: Winter Solstice Celebration: Reflections

Use this episode as a guide to move you into a moment of celebration on winter solstice. Light a candle and move outdoors to experience the night air and pause to honor the longest of nights.

Reflections provided by our Podcast Host, Dan Senter along with music and poetry created for this special night of the year.

-Music Provided by Singer/ Songwriter - Laura Zucker 

-Poetry Provided by Poet, Writer, Teacher - Drew Dellinger  


Curator: Rev. Dan Senter

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S2E1: Winter Solstice Celebration: Interviews

To honor this year’s Winter Solstice, Podcast Host Dan Senter interviews some of the special people who have helped craft the annual Solstice Celebrations for Creekside Commons of Lafayette, CA.  Singer/ Songwriter - Laura Zucker,Fire Arts Performer - Amber Tang, and Poet, Writer, Teacher - Drew Dellinger all bring their wisdom and reflections on this, the longest of nights.

In addition to the interviews in Episode 1,  Episode 2 will provide a short moment of reflection for you to use as you honor winter solstice.

This episode features music written for the night by Laura, Drew’s poetic readings, and reflections by our Podcast Host.


Host: Dan Senter


Curator: Rev. Dan Senter

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